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Concerned about COVID-19?  Show your guests that you’re taking it seriously with neu’s Enhanced Clean.

Vacation & STR Hosts, Take Back Your Time & Get Peace of Mind!

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Why choose neu?

Peace of Mind Guarantee

We’re never satisfied until it's good as neu. Your success is our success and when things go wrong, we always make it right. If you schedule a clean though neu and your cleaner cancels or no-shows, rest assured - we're on standby and we'll send a replacement. Also, if you or your guests are not satisfied with the service, we'll send another cleaner next-day to make it right at no extra charge.

Service Automation

Auto payments, scheduling, alerts, and much more. Sync your calendar directly to neu and put your listing on auto-pilot.

Enhanced Clean

Sanitization has never been more important. Cleaners on neu use PPE and CDC approved disinfectants  effective against COVID-19.

Linens & Essential Amenities

Get a stress-free, guest-ready experience. Let neu supply your sheets, towels, toiletries, paper products & more.


Have more questions? Visit our Help Center.

I’m confused. Member? Solo? What’s the difference?

Solo is perfect for someone in need of a backup or emergency cleaner. There is no monthly commitment and since it is on-demand, you can schedule a clean when needed as long as it’s at least 72 hours in advance. Unlike Members, both the cleans and linens are limited to the availability of cleaners and supplies on-hand. Solo users also can not auto-schedule service - meaning they have to schedule all cleans themselves.

For those seeking a more hassle-free experience or if you need us more than once a month, we recommend the Member plan
. In exchange for their loyalty, Members are rewarded with 20% off each clean, guaranteed linens, next-day service, and can also auto-schedule cleans after every checkout.

Both plans are contract-free so you have the flexibility to switch or cancel at any time.

Let’s talk about quality. How can you ensure my guest is satisfied?

All service professionals on the neu platform are screened, background checked and rated by your guests to ensure quality.

Cleaners bring supplies and work from a comprehensive checklist that you can amend to best ensure that your property is set up for success. We’ll match you with the right professional to ensure that your clean is completed within your service window.

Ultimately, your satisfaction is our goal. If you or your guests are not satisfied with the quality of the service, we'll send another service provider to make it right at no extra charge.

Got it. Now onto the supplies. So what exactly is included with the clean?

All cleans on neu include:
  • Paper products. Paper towels, toilet tissue, and facial tissue.
  • Trash bags. Kitchen, liners, and recycling bags.
  • Personal Protective Equipment or PPE. Gloves, masks, and booties.
  • Paper products. Paper towels, toilet tissue, and facial tissue.
  • Cleaning Supplies. Deodorizers, EPA-registered disinfectants, and microfibers.
  • Essential Amenities. Soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, earplugs, etc.
  • Kitchen Supplies. Dish soap, dish detergent, chocolate, coffee, creamer, sugar
  • Personal touch. Including a handwritten thank-you note for your guests.
We can also supply your sheets (fitted and flat), towels (hand and bath), washcloths, and bath mats for an additional cost.

Waitcan you do my laundry as well?

Short answer, no; but if you opt-in and have neu supply your sheets and towels, laundry will be an afterthought. 

To elaborate, we’re able to offer competitive pricing and comprehensive, high-quality service simply because cleaners operate more efficiently by not having to do laundry. By having everything prepared in advance, cleaners save time and we pass those savings on to you. Also, you’re more than welcome to launder your own sheets and towels so long as you ensure that clean and dry linens are available at the time of service. 

Alternatively, neu’s happy to supply them for you with each service: we’ll happily take that problem off your hands and it’s a great way to further reduce your carbon footprint.

That’s amazing! So exactly how much does stress-free cleaning cost?

Price is important. Nobody likes it when they think they’re paying one price and then they are informed that the price is actually going to be much higher. With neu, we let you know upfront what you’re going to pay.

To get your price, Simply click Get an Instant Quote and fill out the form: that’s it.

It’ll literally take you less than a minute and you’ll get the exact price peace of mind.

OK. I’m sold! How do I start?

Yay! We’d be happy to have you and look forward to offering you a hassle-free, cleaning experience.

Once you have an Instant Quote, feel free to Sign Up, and create your neu account. You’ll then be able to schedule a virtual onboard with a local representative who’ll walk you through how to use your account, answer any lingering questions, and ensure that you’re best set up for success.

After the onboard, we can schedule your first clean as early as the next business day.

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