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Concerned about COVID-19?  Show your guests that you’re taking it seriously with neu’s Enhanced Clean.


So…what’s neu?

neu is a reliable platform that provides quality cleans, on-demand.
Simply put, we connect housekeepers and domestic workers with those in need of service.

For cleaners, we’re a modern alternative to an agency. We help them find stable, consistent, and high-paying work based on their availability.  For vacation rental hosts and homeowners, we provide access to a network of vetted service providers to foster peace of mind and streamline on-demand cleaning. For guests, we improve their vacation experience. We help ensure that they check-in to a clean space, with fresh linens, and all amenities needed for them to enjoy their vacation. 

Currently, we’re disrupting the vacation rental industry, but inevitably, we’ll build the world’s largest cleaning platform.

Our Values

neu makes cleaning seamless, safe, and stress-free. We cater to the needs of our customers to improve their quality of life.
Curiosity promotes growth and growth is what sustains us as people and professionals. We’re comfortable being uncomfortable and strive to learn, grow, and improve to best serve ourselves and others.
Our work only exists because of the customers who support us. In return, we listen to their needs and always respond with urgency and compassion.
We believe in creating and maintaining transparent relationships with our team, customers and partners. We believe that it fosters the trust, loyalty and growth needed for our collective success.
We recognize people as humans first and aim to be approachable and supportive. We consciously pursue an understanding of our community to ensure that we improve the quality of life and foster meaningful experiences.
Our team is best equipped to execute as we are exceptional problem solvers. We’re gritty, focused, dedicated people whose dedication and championship of one another drives our efficiency, productivity, and ultimate success.

Our Products

We’re green, sustainable, and prioritize reducing our carbon footprint.

We support a greener future by providing quality and environmentally friendly products. We also partner with socially conscious brands that align with our mission and values.


Our linens are washed through high-efficiency washers and dryers and re-used many times over. This greatly reduces chemical waste, landfills, emissions, and conserves energy.


Everyone deserves to work in a safe environment. To best protect all of our customers, we supply PPE and eco-friendly, Green Seal-certified, cleaning products and registered disinfectants.

Our Impact

neu empowers and builds equity for the historically disenfranchised.

We improve hosts’ success by providing them with resources, insights, and guidance to reduce their workload, increase their earnings, and their autonomy.


Cleans completed on neu exceed Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning guidelines and include feminine products to ensure that everyone’s trip starts off right.


Cleaners on neu are paid 1.5 - 3× the national average and have the freedom and flexibility to work when they want to, not because they have to.

Our Team

We’re never satisfied until it's good as neu.

Your success is our success and at neu, our focus is on ensuring that everyone - hosts, guests, and cleaners - are satisfied and have peace of mind. Our small, diverse, and highly efficient team is made up of experienced professionals who live and breathe to our founding principles and the happiness of our customers.

Our Founders

Paving the way, they’re happy to lead by example.
Kwame Boler - CEO
he/him/his • ally • feminist

As a Superhost, Kwame struggled to find a reliable cleaning solution for his Airbnb’s. After years of frustration, he decided to do something about it by first co-founding his own vacation rental cleaning company. However, it was this experience that opened his eyes to the hardships that many cleaners today face. With this fresh perspective, he later co-founded neu to make a difference, positively influence the industry, and build the reliable service platform that he once sought.

Claudius Mbemba - CTO
he/him/his • ally • feminist

Immigrating from Cameroon to the US as a child, Claudius saw the impact of how technology could improve lives first-hand. Recognizing this, he became a tech entrepreneur who later saw the opportunity to modernize the cleaning industry by creating technology that increased efficiencies and empowered cleaners. With his passion for improving the quality of life, technology, and social impact, Claudius co-founded neu to help enhance the lives of neu’s customers.

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