Concerned about COVID-19?  Show your guests that you’re taking it seriously with neu’s Enhanced Clean.


Empowering Cleaners to Earn More.

Be your own boss. Work when you want to… not because you have to. Apply now and become a neu cleaner today.

You’re 5 steps away from being your own boss.

1. Submit an Application.

Your first step in being your own boss and cleaning on neu couldn’t be more simple.Just submit an application. That's it! It takes less than 5 minutes.

2. Sign Up at Orientation.

Once we get it, we’ll review your application, schedule an orientation, run a background check, and get you all set up. You'll be cleaning in no time!

3. Picks up hosts’ supplies.

When a clean is scheduled, you’ll first visit neu and pick up the supplies that the host ordered to properly service their home and get it guest-ready.

4. Disinfect with Enhanced Clean.

Once you arrive, you’ll clean and disinfect the home by following the hosts’ checklist and taking before and after photos to validate your work.

5. Get Paid!

💵💵💵 Get paid at the end of every week based on each clean you complete. You're in control and have the flexibility to work as much as you want to.

Need help getting started? We’ve got you covered!

Ask about the neu starter kit during the onboard call and get everything you need to start earning and much more. Click here to learn more.
Microfiber Mop
Broom & Dustpan
Scrub Brushes


Have more questions? Visit our Help Center.

I’m interested. How do I become a cleaner?

Click here to apply. We read all applications and reach out to those who we think are good fits. We often reply in less than 2 weeks but it sometimes takes longer, depending on the number of recent applicants. If you do not hear back from us, feel free to contact us directly or just reapply.

Got it. If I’m chosen, what are the next steps?

Cleaners must pass a criminal background check to confirm that they lack a criminal record. This means no felonies, misdemeanours, convictions, or pending criminal cases. Cleaners must also go to an orientation that explains how neu works and what to expect.

Now to the 💵💵💵. How much do I make and when will I get paid?

On average, cleaners on neu earn $25+ per hour and are paid based on time spent cleaning, driving, and parking. How much you earn per clean is determined by the size of the home, how hard the clean is, where the home is located, and parking options. Additionally, cleaners are paid once per week by direct deposit and for work done the week prior.

👭We are a team. Can we work together?

Yes, and many cleaners choose to work together on neu. Even though choosing to work in groups will not change how much you earn per clean, it will increase the number of cleans your team can complete in a day. Please keep in mind that teams must stay together and cannot separate or clean properties individually.

Amazing! Do I have to bring my own cleaning supplies?

Hosts pay for cleaning supplies in advance. Each clean includes sprays, disinfectants, microfibers, masks, booties, and gloves. Also, as a contractor, you must bring any extra tools needed to service the home. If you need help getting started, ask us about the neu starter kit.