Concerned about COVID-19?  Show your guests that you’re taking it seriously with neu’s Enhanced Clean.


For the Host with the Most

Cleaning has never been more important. Increase bookings and get peace of mind with neu Enhanced Cleans.

You’re 5 steps away from stress-free, Enhanced Cleaning.

1. Get a Quote.

Your first step in getting stress-free, Enhanced Cleaning is getting an Instant Quote. It's easy and takes less than 60 seconds. We're also happy to help.

2. Sign Up.

Great! Now that the price is right, it’s time to sign up. Once you add all your info, a neu representative will meet with you virtually to help get you started.

3. A cleaner will pick up your supplies.

After scheduling your clean, your service provider will first visit neu and pick up the items you need to get your space disinfected and guest-ready.

4. Disinfected with an Enhanced Clean.

When the service provider arrives, they’ll clean your home, review your checklist, and then take photos to give you peace of mind.

5. Your space is guest-ready!

All done! Your guests can check-in and enjoy their stay. You'll receive an alert to let you know it’s ready and will be billed the same day. That's it!